Had another beautiful day in the mountains of Colorado yesterday. My heart is so full! Tonight we have a show at th… https://t.co/whfcczV0Dy
Fort Collins you all blew my mind last night! You truly made me feel so at home. Thank you from the bottom of my he… https://t.co/hoeUdR0jhY
Thank goodness for Colorado. So grateful I got to have a bit of time hiking yesterday. Very excited to play… https://t.co/r396b17Pra
Had a great time performing "When I'm A Fool" off of my new album, #FloatingOnADream for @Fender's Artist Check-In.… https://t.co/yheKKh8toL
Kansas City you all were a blessing to sing for! I’m so thankful you all came out last night! I truly can’t wait to… https://t.co/GJEss2Gozf
@cmbmsu ZINGERMANS😭🙌
Any food recommendations in Denver?
Chicago you had me smiling big last night! Thank you all for coming out and showing the love! It was an honor to pl… https://t.co/h8WwvA6JcA
@TweetTweetESida Oooo I do love boba…
@c1_trish Had a radio gig!
Check out these upcoming dates to see if I’ll be in a city near you! Hope to see you soon. 🙏 Upcoming Dates 6/1:… https://t.co/rGj4fb9r0A
@angiemeeker It was truly amazing…
@CptnAznAmerica I love ramen…
@tylerbriana23 I saw this place! I may do it for dinner…
Update: I did Zingerman’s. It was UNREAL. Wow. Thanks y’all 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌
Any food recommendations for Ann Arbor, Michigan?
Minneapolis it was truly a pleasure to sing for you all! Thank you all for coming out and showing so much love for… https://t.co/aJ6NuueXX7
@Tristan11240127 Ah man I love it! Totally different vibe with the reharms and the beat. So good! Great job brother!
@ArtBooksForAvi IT IS SO AMAZING!!!! Got emotional looking at all of the amazing artists from all of the world. You all bless me so deeply!
St. Louis you all were unbelievable last night! Thank you so much for coming out and singing along with us! I very… https://t.co/dhVc7Du43y
@citrusmistress_ Same!!!
@Mz_BeeHaving Yeah there are so many! Tacos do sound good…
@OldMamaDana Can’t wait!
@JC95997946 I love it!
@Eriyshon Amazing!!!
NYC you all were such a blessing! Thank you for showing up for us last night and being such a beautiful audience! A… https://t.co/roMPQiUuST
So excited to share this exclusive performance of “All Is Well” from @se7enlayers. I remember hopping off the bus i… https://t.co/LuQomngL7m
Philly you all were absolutely amazing last night! Thank you so much for all the beautiful energy you gave at the s… https://t.co/oM3B54bziq
Had such a beautiful night in DC! A huge thank you to everyone who came out! Off to Philly to play at… https://t.co/Rs5IfLdP0T
@elizabeth974 I love it!!!
@McKathlin @SandyHughes17 Made me so happy!
@SarahBethBoss12 Yaaaa!!!
So honored to join my friend Joy Williams on #SouthernCraft Radio today at 12 pm PT / 2 pm CT to talk about the new… https://t.co/weSIVX4GSp
@synaisthanomai 😭🙌
@HannahCrazyhawk 🙏🙏🙏
@laurendav_ 🙏🙏🙏
@JasonDeKoning Thank you so much!
@melliephoto Thank you so much!!!
@jupidirt 😭🙏🙏🙏
WOOOOOWWWW!!!! All because of you all!!! Thank you for listening!!! https://t.co/90v60yPbTs
We'll be live-streaming the show on @mandolinlive too! Tickets here: https://t.co/1iPUqd34xd https://t.co/E2KJ16RqBB
The day is finally here! So excited to kickoff the #FloatingOnADream Tour with a sold-out show at @3rdandLindsley t… https://t.co/lW3Ot0wmyA
It’s always been a dream of mine to be on NPR. Thank you so much for having me! https://t.co/sbWjRLmqDI
New Music Friday playlist! Wow! Thanks for the add @Spotify! https://t.co/TksRQ58XEH
Tickets to the #FloatingOnADream tour are on sale now! I can’t wait to perform these new songs live! Get your ticke… https://t.co/ma50WbTAE9
About to hop on YouTube at 10:45 CT for the album listening party! https://t.co/3XJkeoR1oY
#FloatingOnADream is out now!! https://t.co/1iPUqd34xd https://t.co/tayWCSlGN8
Nashville! Don’t forget to pre-order your signed colored vinyl at @VinylTapNash to guarantee admission to the acous… https://t.co/AQ0PXZXz8o
FIRST LISTEN 🚨 #WhenImAFool. Thanks @under_radar_mag! https://t.co/7jGUyienRO
TOMORROW. https://t.co/Rnh8UXZ2i1   #FloatingOnADream https://t.co/Cw7d2fdDjz
@PtxColleen 🙌🙌🙌🙌yaaaaa!!!
@JaneSaysWhat1 Born ready!
@_JeannieSays_ 🙌🙌🙌
@loveofbaphomet 😁🙏
@violaleanne226 Not velvet haha
2 days until album release. #FloatingOnADream https://t.co/LlrjDYzlcI
@jonnapeterson81 Can’t believe it!
@CynysterMind Yes!
@cjupiterr YES
3 days until album release. #FloatingOnADream https://t.co/0JliOanU3M
Tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday, May 20th at 10AM local venue time. https://t.co/UEx5eEKOlk
Additional dates announced! The #FloatingOnADream tour kicks off soon and I just added a few more dates. Presale &… https://t.co/hKEeJgMTfT
Smiling big because there’s only ONE WEEK until #FloatingOnADream is out!!! Pre-Save/Pre-Add:… https://t.co/0zHpJYDXjE
Hanging with my forest friends before tour🙏 https://t.co/lsoXiGrsOb
Get one of these limited edition exclusive ‘bone’ colored #FloatingOnADream vinyl, available only at the… https://t.co/baYmoMTiJ1
Pre-order your signed colored vinyl at @VinylTapNash to guarantee admission to the acoustic in-store performance on… https://t.co/L7H5BeJiXE
Thank you so much @TheBGSituation ! https://t.co/cjFfCRhAu7
Less than 2 WEEKS before the US tour kicks off! You can get your last minute tickets at the link below. Can’t wait… https://t.co/Wa57p6A67x
Thanks for adding “I’m Only Getting Started” to New in Indie ⁦@AppleMusic⁩! https://t.co/QPB9hZjba1
I’m Only Getting Started https://t.co/EwPi40GcvC
Thanks @AmazonMusic! “I’m Only Getting Started” added to the Fresh Folk & Americana playlist. https://t.co/atnrgCkobI
I’m Only Getting Started release day LIVESTREAM! https://t.co/56olFUrSxV
@IKayanos Not too long now…
"I'm Only Getting Started" is out now! https://t.co/DK3aZPEQ45 https://t.co/rgSmsYKgZ0
My bones don’t lie They’re broken but they still got fight I’m only getting started Tonight at Midnight ET. https://t.co/17RhhcFrXS
From the valley where I used to live I’m the storm headed over that ridge https://t.co/vx8ISoFBzG
Scrape gravel from the palm of my hand Skin weathered from the wind and sand https://t.co/3FLnyK5mkw
@MemberRanran I will be back asap!
@emilynliesl 🙌🙌🙌
@cjupiterr YEAAHHH🙌🙌🙌
5/21 - Nashville, TN 5/23 - Washington, DC 5/24 - Philadelphia, PA 5/25 - New York, NY 5/27 - Cleveland, OH 5/28 -… https://t.co/6LfQBANyeF
So ready to get back on stage soon… 🙏 Which show will I be seeing you at? Get your tickets now:… https://t.co/Ty48yqPOYH
Thank goodness for the sunshine 🙏 https://t.co/3DZq906iBE
@treehouse_radio 🙌🙌🙌
@LeslieA35634609 @3rdandLindsley @mandolinlive Amazing!
@eva_secchi @3rdandLindsley @mandolinlive 😁🙏
We will be streaming live from @3rdandLindsley in Nashville on May 21st via @Mandolinlive to celebrate the release… https://t.co/85QjnH9hog
I'm giving away tickets to my upcoming tour plus a video meet & greet and more! Enter Here: https://t.co/cYXWyi6jOS https://t.co/MUWY9aPMz2
@rdietz55 YAAAAAA!!!
#NowPlaying Such A Simple Thing by Ray LaMontagne #MusicMonday https://t.co/6v0PJlcqkC
Thank you all so much for joining me on the @acappellacademy livestream fundraiser! I can’t tell you how much your… https://t.co/x8CqB1pCXF
Going live in less than an hour at 11 am CT! Hope you’ll join me for the @Stageit livestream concert / Q&A to benef… https://t.co/7qTXnU88JQ
Tickets are pay what you can and are available now! https://t.co/HSul6Eqygt
A little reminder that I’ll be going live on @StageIt to raise money for the camp I helped start, #acappellaacademy… https://t.co/xtQATXsp7T
If you’re not already following @SeqParksCon please do! I am honored to be one of their embassadors and I hope you’… https://t.co/wTvc96xlQL
There are so many beautiful places on this earth but I’ve always been pulled back to this one area... The Sequoias.… https://t.co/ixi7Fb33Lg
5/21 Nashville, TN 5/23 Washington, DC 5/24 Philadelphia, PA 5/25 New York, NY 5/27 Cleveland, OH 5/28 Saint Louis, … https://t.co/o2l55QnYSJ
THIS CREW! The absolute dream team. We went through it all on this tour & I couldn’t have asked for better people t… https://t.co/E6i4cRPuek
I will be doing a pay what you can livestream concert / Q&A on this Saturday the 23 at 11am CT to raise money for… https://t.co/KfruuF79nJ
@AvisPeeps THIS IS AMAZING!!! Thank you so so much 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌
Had a blast filming this one on a rainy Nashville day for @floodmagazine. https://t.co/IPQbSMvmpy
It was a beautiful night in Zurich last night! Thank you all for the kindness and for the amazing chocolate 😁🙏 Last… https://t.co/Y3MgtykWr6
@La_Nusch @KalebTJones @fantasyrecords 🙌🙌🙌
@copfuhchillaray @KalebTJones 🙏🙏🙏💚💚💚 What a leg it was!
@AllieVenus @KalebTJones @NoahDenney 🙏🙏🙏💚💚💚
Thanks for adding “On My Way” to your Fresh Folk & Americana playlist. @amazonmusic https://t.co/FhVFPikO7P
Thank you, @AmerSongwriter! https://t.co/4d7JJZVqyy
Speechless. 🙏 Thank you, @youtubemusic for this billboard placement in Nashville. https://t.co/5ueOAoVUsG
“On My Way” Lyric Video is out now! https://t.co/YwU5l2gq5E https://t.co/mAwuYaMTZ0
Excited to share a new song tonight at Midnight ET! This is one of the most personal songs I’ve written, about thes… https://t.co/iC1uLtPJzr
Vienna you all were absolutely amazing last night! So good to be back in your beautiful city and sing for such amaz… https://t.co/r5cX04V11P
Krakow you all were a dream! Thank you so much for all the love and good energy. I truly cannot wait to come back t… https://t.co/k04br5rya8
Warsaw you all blew my mind last night! What a crowd! So much love to you. Can’t wait until next time! https://t.co/6HAOse2V3b
@MemberRanran This is so amazing! I’m honored 🙏🙏🙏
Berlin, I will never forget last night’s concert! The energy in the room was so beautiful. I am so deeply thankful… https://t.co/CqusE5IP9z
@RobLundquist I love your jokes 😁💚
@buildingmydrms Ayyyyy 😁🙏
@DeeDeeJosefine LOL
@AsunOlivan Cheeky I am…
@snwyshan Oh noooo I’m so sorry lol!
@lilliv21 I love it!!!!😁🙏
@rothjames36 Yessss haha
@Miss_Music___ HAHA
@KimPiggie Oooo that’s a good one…
@peace_janiece Nice 😁
@mayitama Did I?!
@copfuhchillaray That didn’t age well…
How many of you did I get?! Be honest!
April Fools 😁
I’ve never been booed offstage before. Wow. I’m heartbroken.
It was a truly beautiful night in Copenhagen! Thank you all so much for the love and kindness you showed, it meant… https://t.co/BfkEv5PLVp
Hamburg I will never forget last night’s show. You all blessed me beyond belief. Thank you from the bottom of my he… https://t.co/4oWofxz4Hc
Nijmegen, you all were a dream come true. Thank you all so much for coming out, I will never forget that show! Unti… https://t.co/bcwRtyrWc9
Thank you for a wonderful night Luxembourg! You all were too kind. Hope to see you next time! Cologne is up next!… https://t.co/SCvRpx0ZeY
@toriawooff @bandonthewall @CommunionMusic You crushed it! It was an honor to have you 💚
What a beautiful night it was in Leuven! I truly appreciate everyone who came out and I am so looking forward to co… https://t.co/5KhegSXMfi
Great speaking with you @djSJBirds! https://t.co/k5kGq2GrGz
I can’t lie… I’m pretty stoked to be on the cover of @youtubemusic’s Americana Hotlist playlist! https://t.co/EyoU7dlYLN
Manchester! You were absolutely amazing. It was truly surreal to be back on stage singing for you all. Thank you fo… https://t.co/tUjzZYYcFS
European tour starts TOMORROW!!! I could not possibly be more excited! What show are you coming to?! https://t.co/rT7FfFvjIg
@heart0frhythm @KaitlinButts @IanNoeMusic @joywilliams @annabatesmusic 🙏🙏🙏
Europe tour kicks off in Manchester this Sunday! Get your last minute tickets now: https://t.co/UEx5eEKOlk https://t.co/yOtxCnV3c8
Thanks for the shoutout @AmeriBluesScene ! https://t.co/Qam9GkXlZR
@SuperfruityPhan @RidiculousNat 🙌🙌🙌
@cholelwt I’m so sorry! Hopefully it’ll work out next time 💚
@___louiseviolet I am!!! 😁🙌
You don’t want to miss this on Saturday! Get your tickets here: https://t.co/xHs4u7tnmh https://t.co/pplfhFn5dq
I am truly honored to have my good friend/band mate/writing partner and all around beautiful soul @KalebTJones open… https://t.co/Tgpu0rn9Sf
This photo was taken at the last show we played on tour over 2 years ago. Needless to say we are truly looking forw… https://t.co/C8BmXdRwJM
@Tina_Prince1 Fender!
@violaleanne226 It really is! Thank you!
It’s been so amazing to get back into rehearsals. Leaving for Europe in 2 days! Truly excited to sing for you all! https://t.co/KHhkomNxGp
Thank you @Spotify for adding “I Can’t Lie” to your Fresh Folk playlist. Check it out! https://t.co/FYaI0tTvwm
I truly enjoyed this interview with @EmilyAlgar! Thank you @AtwoodMagazine for the feature! https://t.co/Yj1XizIu4r
I Can’t Lie out tonight 12 EST🏜 https://t.co/7GTei9XElB
Looking forward to @toriawooff opening in Manchester & London! https://t.co/MhWm2IiJ1H
You locked me in a lucid dream Your tide has taken over me And that’s just fine https://t.co/fylms22TnW
Don’t miss it! Ticket link here: https://t.co/xHs4u7tnmh https://t.co/pplfhFn5dq
You hit me like a thunder roll Caught me like the wildfire in your eyes https://t.co/IsaY3kIzFv
I could not be more excited to go back out on tour! What songs are you all hoping to hear? https://t.co/Ft6HyXzoZZ
I’m honor of this man’s birthday, here’s one of my favorites. #NowPlaying Waiting Around To Die by Townes Van Zandt… https://t.co/UcP56BEDeB
@RidiculousNat It’s happening!!!
European Tour in two weeks!! https://t.co/Li6osR8C2U https://t.co/jpQde6hr2p
All Is Well (feat. Joy Williams) lyric video out now! 🏜️ https://t.co/ZEjlVXAeN0 https://t.co/bSs29TJTH4
RT @thebootdotcom: .@Avi_Kaplan's latest single "All Is Well" is a haunting and spiritual duet with @joywilliams that will stick with you.…
#NowPlaying Head On by José González #MusicMonday https://t.co/MYn8PKImsy
Mystery Valley Film 3 https://t.co/VZu6WjBPBH
Mystery Valley Film 2 https://t.co/H6KYTwOMwC
Mystery Valley Film 1 https://t.co/sIuqfBUZgk
Excited to hear @avonkampen on the Floating On A Dream tour in May! #NowPlaying Water Flowing Downward by Andrea vo… https://t.co/Qxm8rjIkYc
#dangelo #reddeadredemption2 #rdr2 #rockstargames #music #cover #acoustic #folk #vocals #avikaplan @RockstarGames
Going live on @tiktok_us at 10:30am CT today! Hope I’ll see you there!
Blown away! Thank you @Spotify 🙏 https://t.co/1P3b2tUNhZ https://t.co/5V8pHjzgL7
@MoisioHanna @avonkampen I am!!!
Tickets for the Floating On A Dream Tour with @avonkampen are on sale today at 10am local! Tickets & VIP info:… https://t.co/vhD0OQD7pv
Tickets on sale Friday! What show are you coming to!? https://t.co/Li6osRqdru https://t.co/93wGGGbb3t
All Is Well (feat. @JoyWilliams) is out now! https://t.co/B5bTJvUefz https://t.co/WfOpKe32j8
Pre-sale & VIP tickets are on sale now using code "FLOATING22". Tickets are on sale to the public Friday at 10AM. https://t.co/zH8X2gN0df
It’s happening!!! Floating On A Dream Tour with special guest @avonkampen is coming to a city near you! So excited… https://t.co/X20pjR4mvT
Pre-order/Pre-save Floating On A Dream here: https://t.co/1iPUqd34xd
Every step of my journey in music has led me here and I am unbelievably excited for you all to hear it.
I wrote this album over the span of 4 years. It’s a journey through where I was, where I am, and where I am headed.… https://t.co/Iml2w3aTke
I am TRULY excited to announce Floating On A Dream, my first full-length album is coming out May 20! https://t.co/Ry3z9EwVch
Don’t miss the video premiere of All Is Well (feat. @joywilliams ) today at Noon EST on YouTube. See you there 15… https://t.co/ka8yrJoENN
@cjupiterr @joywilliams Thank you!
@Astraiten That means more than you know 🙏
@KimPiggie 🙌🙌🙏🙏
@celiamrl_ 😭🙏💚
@lisablue81 Yes 😁
@RealJillChase Thank you so much!
@SarahBethBoss12 😁🙌
@hf_Harrr I love this!!!
@nixie19821 @joywilliams 😌🙏💚
@mary_palominos @joywilliams Thank you!!!
@dorritDK I’m so happy you feel it!!!
@ChristelleK14 Thank you so much!!!
@lisablue81 @joywilliams Makes me so happy! Thank you!
@synaisthanomai @joywilliams So happy you feel it! (And taste it and see it 😌)
@mckennaisabell_ @joywilliams 🙏🙏🙏
@AnnaDreams_Art Thank you so much Anna!!! That means so much to me. I appreciate you so much!
Doing a Q&A tomorrow on the YouTube livestream at 11:45am EST! Leave any questions you have for me here!
Join me on YouTube tomorrow at 11:45am EST for a Q&A and some exciting news ahead of the official video premiere at Noon EST!
I’m so excited to announce that “All Is Well” featuring @joywilliams is out tomorrow! It was an honor to write and… https://t.co/UDxhcLAc8S
SO excited to share a new song & video with you all on Tuesday! Truly a dream collaboration. Video premieres at Noo… https://t.co/JUTnwQ3ONK
Happy Sunday everyone! Going live on IG at 11am ET. Hope to see you in a bit!
So excited for you all to hear what’s coming on Tuesday… Who do you think I’m collaborating with? https://t.co/e5AnQCWQPO
The darkness in my mind Was the path to set my spirit free https://t.co/Ls15GMMyyQ
Now I’ve landed in the light And my eyes can finally see https://t.co/dfr3D5JqaD
#NowPlaying Front Porch by @JoyWilliams #MusicMonday https://t.co/MHrZm7GZd5
I Can’t Help Myself https://t.co/KLWkpq9SBb
#NowPlaying The Maker by Willie Nelson #MusicMonday https://t.co/trdrRVXnat
50 days until European Tour! Can’t wait to see you all again! Tickets: https://t.co/0erZ3SXrIu https://t.co/mB77ctZqdZ
Flagstaff Film 3 https://t.co/cqFIdCrzKq
Flagstaff Film 2 https://t.co/bpyAJN77f3
Flagstaff Film 1 https://t.co/zU0Xrt2FLr
#NowPlaying Trouble With My Lover by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss #MusicMonday https://t.co/ZQXTT8fsZH
Sunrise over The Mountain Lying Down https://t.co/mGeSArCBwI
#NowPlaying Sarah by Ray LaMontagne #MusicMonday https://t.co/jkRzL1BoRq
You’ve still got a little more time to audition… https://t.co/DSIyyjtF2K
We have had students from over 30 countries come to camp, so don’t let the distance stop you either! Make it happen… https://t.co/09kJFpNihu
I truly love working with the students that make it to camp and I hope you are one of them! Don’t let the price sca… https://t.co/GSteVbxyAo
Only 3 DAYS LEFT to audition for @acappellacademy!!! If you’re ages 12-18 and love to sing, don’t miss out on this… https://t.co/V12iu23XZE
@violaleanne226 Actually an old picture, but my heart is…
@emilynliesl It’s gotta happen!
@cjupiterr LOL
A California Daydream https://t.co/Z1IqHBLPSU
Going to be doing more of these short covers… Any Requests?
I Heard It Through The Grapevine https://t.co/0Abnz6H1Ou
Sunshine in the Alpine https://t.co/Js5w80T7o3
11 days left to get your @acappellacademy auditions in! Make it happen! https://t.co/m3d2TWcNZw
Thank you to whoever suggested Eli 🙏 check him out if you haven’t already!
#NowPlaying Sedalia by Eli Wheeler #MusicMonday https://t.co/zaCily9lgi
You all are the reason I get to live this dream and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have been on this j… https://t.co/Qt9mbixdhs
This coming year is a truly exciting one for me, I have so much new music to share and If all goes well I’ll get ba… https://t.co/8jBNqGm2RH
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all brought it in with dreams, love and happiness in your minds and in your hea… https://t.co/iSbJFmoS5m