@mattsalleemusic You better lay back on that bass line!!! Beautiful brother 💚
KILL IIIITTTT!!! https://t.co/waHPeK8SsR
@sequoiakaplan This. Is. AWESOME.
@charliesteacup This is so beautiful 😭😭😭 beyond honored 🙏🙏🙏
@MknappMelissa Me
Whistling >>>
@DaisyClaireTeam @MaaceFaace THIS FILLS MY HEART 😭😭😭
@bishopborn56 I MISS YOU MAMA. Will be back to the Sage & Stone with you soon 💚💚💚
@ashlee_blanton 😁💚
@PatriciaRowan2 Thank you!!! 😁🙏
@MknappMelissa ... soon 😁
@1gbyefromlonely YESSS!!!
@ashlee_blanton Hey now
I. Love. Writing. Bass. Lines.
Piano Day @EndvrStudiosLA ! https://t.co/wI7yIuMzzD
Happy Singles Awareness Day!!! And to all the lovebirds, Happy Valentine’s Day 😌💚
Back. To. Work. @EndvrStudiosLA https://t.co/To22furGYv
@jonnapeterson81 Right before the whistles...
I. Love. Making. Music.
@McKathlin @Jusmeavi THIS. IS. UNREAL. WOWOWOW!!!
@MaaceFaace @Auntie_Haunty Fairies 100%
@Auntie_Haunty Why yes... @EndvrStudiosLA https://t.co/GAeMwqqzPc
@HellaUnicorn @acappellacademy YES! Amen.
@PatriciaRowan2 @acappellacademy Same! Im in the same boat... haha
@AnnaWritesSFRom @PTX_FanArt That fills my heart! Blessings and peace to you too!
@iremkrmn217 @acappellacademy You don’t have to live in America! We have tons of international campers!
@K_i_t_t_y426 @acappellacademy Neither should hold you back, but definitely not money. There has never once been a… https://t.co/m7q7LQAKko
@jonnapeterson81 @acappellacademy Could be... ;)
@honeyhoying @acappellacademy Hopefully someday!!!
@_heesh @acappellacademy I couldn’t be more excited to meet you girlllll 😁💚
@Auntie_Haunty @OliviaGalyon 👋You saw nothing...
@AnnaWritesSFRom @PTX_FanArt Stunning WOW!!!
Congrats to everyone who made @acappellacademy this year!!! I couldn’t be more excited for camp! The decisions this… https://t.co/09eV0huj4t
@AltoSingerAlex @PTX_Delly I’ll never forget that as long as I live. Filled my heart beyond words💚💚💚
@PTXRoisin Amazing!!!
@superptxfruitt @oliviamendonca6 Pretty!!!!
@songftseeker This is so so so beautiful. Couldn’t be more honored 😭🙏
@oliviamendonca6 This filled my heart 💚💚💚!
@LaurenJoWeber This is absolutely unbelievable 😭😭😭I’m beyond honored 🙏
@smiIeyhoying Lol!
@pat_aitcheson You see it all!!! Makes me so so happy :D
@DeeDeeJosefine This is one of the highest compliments I could receive
@MknappMelissa Ein Gedi, Israel!
@Auntie_Haunty The best of times!
@AndNowItsReal A hawk, they’ve been following me around for awhile :D
@B_ella_rose This filled my heart more than you know. Always chase the sun!!!
@MrBrianR @uhxangel Absolutely!!!
@utdftptx The Sequoias, and it’s not because I’m biased!!!
@uhxangel iPhone X 😅 I need to get a real camera...
@honeyhoying Thank you so much!!! I have SO MANY MORE
@kissyboigrassi I want to capture the beauty I see in nature and in life. Pictures make a moment eternal.
@hassanahmed120 Thank you brother! Hope you’re well.
@PTX_Delly Israel!!!
@AnnaWritesSFRom Both! At that time I was playing fields and pier. Rang magical in that Cave.
@gingerlove729 In my own way :)
@AndNowItsReal Peaceful washed over me!!! Acoustics were stunning.
@kissyboigrassi Both! Just depends. I’ve been using a timer and tripod recently and setting up the shots perfectly.… https://t.co/NQgxAPZL91
@songftseeker I couldn’t be more honored or humbled. This is BEAUTIFUL 😭
@OliviaGalyon But you can stay
@OliviaGalyon Oh get outta here!
@AsunOlivan They were STUNNING. Such a magical place.
@MaaceFaace Oh come on...
@Leah_Fish It’s a secret...
@ErinCullen8 This is PERFECT!!!
@jess__ina iPhone X. Once I really hone in my skills I’ll upgrade to a real camera :D
@B_ella_rose So beautiful!!!!
@hagracesatelier That is absolutely unbelievable. Wow. SO GOOD.
@superfruitanna I. LOVE.
@GayForGrassi STUNNING
@cryingbckirstie This is art
@ashlee_blanton You’re what the world needs!
@slyther_grassi I LOVE
@AnnaWritesSFRom It fills my heart!!! I absolutely love it.
@honeyhoying AMAZING
@YvonneSindy Thank you!!!
@obsessedptx Impossible. You can’t eat photos.
@MaaceFaace Done
@kissyboigrassi @instagram !
@dark_dancer2008 You shoulddddd! Physical memories and moments.
@ashlee_blanton Absolutely 100% happening. I think I may take 1 trillion sunrise photos
@luthien_x I would never
@GirlAitleva That’s been my love for a long time...
@Arts_by_Selina This. Is. STUNNING. Goodness gracious 😭
@PentaPilot More beautiful than i can explain!!!
@Dragnmstrss THIS IS BEYOND AMAZINGGGG @MaaceFaace
@glomiche That’s too controversial, I’d rather keep my opinions to myself on this one...
@roseshoying Spicy ones >>>
@roseshoying YES
@ysofficialmusic I support you brother
@celestine_17 Of course!!!
@gallantgrassi This is great news!
@maldolusallee Salads
I. Love. Olives.
Kids do the darndest things. https://t.co/elYOpzBaAu
Teaching is one of my favorite things in the universe. Fills my heart like nothing else.
@acappellacademy Don’t let money stop you, great scholarships are available!
Another unbelievable video from last year’s @acappellacademy showcase! 6 days left to audition for this year! Info:… https://t.co/YIvpCi7JzJ
🍴I cooked Christmas Dinner🍗 https://t.co/FoLESp6eGx https://t.co/kzUN954CpZ
Christmas Sunrise https://t.co/HZlXSYcpZj Merry Christmas (and a VERY late Happy Hanukkah) to all of you and your l… https://t.co/KLkmuusPOR
Another unbelievable video from last year’s @acappellacademy showcase! Auditions for this year end Jan 1! All info:… https://t.co/RP0fMDJmzR
SO. GOOD. Beyond proud!!! Jan 1 is the deadline to audition for this year’s @acappellacademy ! All audition info —>… https://t.co/bdq6Ib0bU1
Another unbelievable performance from last year’s @acappellacademy showcase! Couldn’t be more proud. Audition Info - https://t.co/dyIRTykd1x
Not much time left! Cannot wait to see all the auditions this year! Tag someone you think should audition! Info —>… https://t.co/XCuPFOLGe5
I’m on a journey with a new camera. This is VERY good news. So much magic to be captured.
Congrats to @rdietz55 (@acappellacademy co founder and dad joke extraordinaire) on the new series! (Also thanks for… https://t.co/XqvnoSIhqU
This fills my heart! Another amazing video from last years showcase at @acappellacademy ! Audition this year! Info:… https://t.co/vYhdnGuQag
@mattsalleemusic And much love to the rest of you crazy kids 💚💚💚💚
Beautiful! It is now officially Christmas :D @mattsalleemusic you are killin on bass! Much love to you brother 💚 https://t.co/NR7Xk5gqnR
Every dark night ends in light. Mojave Sunrise https://t.co/sYljh6XqTQ https://t.co/ayH0qWAPxm
@LetyMartini_ Just call every day thanksgiving :D
Dear @Twitter , When will you allow us to edit our tweets? - King of Typos
Also send me pics of your feasts. I need inspiration for next year.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! I️ am beyond thankful for each and every one of you. Have a beautiful day with loved ones and eat. All. The. Food.
My grandma has now broached the subject of dessert 6 times during dinner. Things are starting to make a lot more sense for me.
@AndNowItsReal You truly cannot!
@LetyMartini_ YOU KNOW
@ptxholly Turkey!
I. Could. Not. Be more excited for Thanksgiving.
Couldn’t be more proud! Constantly blown away by the heart and talent of everyone at @acappellacademy . The future… https://t.co/rFyARrHlgb
Thank goodness for music.
@humminlovetunes Stunning!
@ptxkris Well that makes ME happy. I have been and it’s been truly life changing.
@ErinCullen8 THIS IS UNREAL. So unbelievably beautiful. Wow.
@GaiaPellizzoni So amazing!!!! This made me very happy :D!
@CynsStandingBy Taught myself :)
@ahvrieIIe ... yes ;D
@botanicaldarlin AMAZING!!! Hope I️t gave you so much peace!
@ptxftgarrett That’s beautiful! Making him so proud :)
@sohurryup I will I will :D
@Dancerwithlove_ Someday :D
@ptxaaliya Oh I will!!! :D
Harmonica is a VERY fun instrument to play.
Every breath we take is a blessing.
Who’s auditioning for @acappellacademy this year?! Tag someone you think should! Audition info —>… https://t.co/JeLc7Yb0B5
Just had 2 of the most amazing days I’ve had in a long time. My heart is full. My mind is clear. I’m truly inspired. Exactly what l needed.
Going camping for 3 days. l. Could. Not. Be. More. Excited.
@smileyboygrassi Apple <
My 10 year high school reunion is tonight. l. Am. Old.
@KOlusola @avrielssunshine Love you brother!!!
@Ionelylush @curly_kidd14 Thank youuuuu. This old man will try to figure it out :D
@PentaPilot Almost all the time 😌
@curly_kidd14 Let me know if you find a cure lol
I’m very confused as to how that last tweet turned out that way...
l have about 3 EP’s worth of songs written now... l truly cannot wait to produce/record them and share them all with you!
@avrielsequoias @bentatonix I️ support you. Be true to yourself 😌💚
@Kels_m0use STUNNING
@ptxpapaoutai I
@Iuvtunes Idk
@ambientgrassi @sohurryup I
@avrielssunshine BEAUTIFUL!!!
@Wooahitsabbey Same
@ptxholly Double dip
@maldolusallee I️ sure hope it does. That would be a travesty
@shykirstan I
@ashlee_blanton But I’d never let you go ranchless. Know that.
@ashlee_blanton It was necessary
@olusolauri Garlic sauce. Is. Exquisite.
@avrielsequoias I
@nuggstruggs Blue cheese has its place in the universe too 💚
Pizza and ranch is one of the most delicious combinations this universe has ever tasted and will ever taste.
What is the age cut off for trick or treating? Asking for a friend...
What a beautiful way to start the day! So proud of @_MarisaEsposito and @TheNoahHunt ! Amazing cover art… https://t.co/468V6yfED8
Be the light you want to see in the world.
Love deeply.
It's true! I did all the overtone singing and all the Basso Profundo vocals in the movie 😁 https://t.co/utCJ3i47rN
Be true to yourself.
Tacos >>>
@PTXofficial I love you all deeply!!! 💚💚💚
And now I'm suddenly in the Christmas spirit. Stunning! #PTXForever https://t.co/0mBthivQd5
Be present.
Symmetry >>>
Don't give up, there's always beauty ahead.
Hiccups are the bane of my existence.
@sequoiaptx YES. So beautiful
@planfor4ever Right?!
@activedirect38 It truly does :)
@fantasyamanda ALWAYS
@Heather_Pants We're all in this together 💚
Things don't always turn out how you'd hope, but they always turn out how you need.
You are worthy of love and happiness. Don't let anyone make you feel different.
Hug someone today, you may need it just as much as them.
I couldn't possibly love camping/backpacking any more than I do. Truly fills my heart.
@avrielssunshine @avis_sunflower You sound beautiful!!! Couldn't be more honored 💚💚💚
@actuallymaxie THE MOST
@Scomiche_69 This is UNBELIEVABLE. Wow.
@lNAFANTASY This is great news!!!
@sequoiakaplan Oh always, and always :D
@avrielsteacup Found SO MANY
@ptx719 Thank you!!! Hope you're well 😁💚
@T3stsp0s1t1v3 I'd absolutely love to!!!
@JuaniAPtx @frankhobbs_iv Hopefully soon! But this was a trip hang and write :D
@luisjhernand @ptxviola THIS IS AMAZING!!!
Going camping for the first time in a LONG time. I could not. Be. More. Excited.
Spread as much love and light as you possibly can. We can brighten this world if we stand together.
Buy amazing chocolate and help support those in need. You really can't go wrong! https://t.co/yBX9uuWkOq
Kindness >>>
@jonnapeterson81 THIS IS AMAZING
@gingertonix This is so humbling. Thank you for being so open. And for your kind words. Truly. Sending you so much love and light!!!
@sweetavrieI This is absolutely unbelievable. Filled my heart beyond what I can explain. Truly. I LOVE YOU
@AnnaWritesSFRom TRUE
@mercx_ry You ARE
@Pinkkactis Quirky is the only way
@vbella39 And you all do in mine!!!
@sweetavrieI It's true!
@permafrost92 That Means more than you know!
@actuallymaxie This is unbelievable 😭 I love you Max!!!
You can't make a difference if you aren't different.
Love >>>
All you can do is your best.
Pizza and wings. A stunning combination.
Music is the original anti anxiety / anti depressant.
@PTX_FanArt THESE ARE ALL SO AMAZING!!! I'm blown away!
An open mind >>>
Slow down and take in the beauty around you. There's always something to appreciate.
@FlashbckMusic @acappellacademy @AnthonyGargiula @NoahBarenDavis @ElizabethGaba @RenoSelmser @ZoeDndr I love you al… https://t.co/nsoWahkH3z
@jamescharles I LOVE you and I hope it's ok if I adopt you. You absolutely killed it and I can't wait to see what you all do!
Can't help but be a proud dad today. @FlashbckMusic consists of almost all @acappellacademy kids and they are GOOD. https://t.co/d0H5uVodW5
@jonnapeterson81 Same
@JenKosta YESSSSS!!!!
@CourtLovesAvi Man. All those years living, I have some questions for you... 😁💚
Who's auditioning this year?! Last year was absolutely amazing, don't miss out on this year :D https://t.co/e2iTS90ivt
So unbelievably proud! https://t.co/0bYRwUW8KM
@scotthoying happy birthday Scotty! You'll always be my favorite baritone 💚💚💚
Music makes everything better.
@melodyaliana So cooollll!!!!
@kiminoriega True!
@actuallymaxie It's not easy, but it's possible!
@LetyMartini_ I love you too! Always. I promise.
@AvisPeeps @kat_ptxfan I love you !!!
@CeciliaHahn7 It's true!
@KimPiggie LOL
@ptx719 @MichelleMD404 They will be groovy soon :D
@nuggstruggs We all are!
@CATHancock Aw we do that at @acappellacademy !!!
@officialresound I LOVE YOU
Everyone needs affirmation. Be the one to give it.
The journey of life would be so much more beautiful if we could just enjoy the ride without worrying so much about the destination.
Thank goodness for Vermont https://t.co/agfCnEliwn
I couldn't possibly love you all more! You fill my heart everyday 💚💚💚
Naps >>>
Family forest time with my favorite little guys Grant and Cash. We were serious explorers that… https://t.co/C61z9rOX3t
#tbt Family forest time with my favorite little guys Grant and Cash. We were serious explorers… https://t.co/C61z9rxmbV
Minnesota you were unbelievable!!! Thank you for a beautiful night!
@lozzagrassi This is AMAZING. You're unbelievably talented!!!
@TheLexiReece @GameOfThrones Goodness gracious finally
@sugargrassi @GameOfThrones COME ONNNN
@avrielsteacup @GameOfThrones PROMISE
@duasdaddario @GameOfThrones Honestly couldn't have been more proud
@LetyMartini_ @GameOfThrones He had it cominnnnn
Still in shock from the @GameOfThrones finale last night...
Dreams really do come true. https://t.co/xESZKEOabz
Kansas City I love you and your BBQ DEEPLY! Thank you for tonight!!! See you soon 💚
With each rising sun comes a fresh start.
Nebraska you filled my heart more than you'll ever know!!! Thank you!!!
Hot Wings >>>
Thank goodness for music.
@xxMia_Shaixx @mynameisnikita_ This blessed me and filled my heart more than you all will ever know. Truly thank yo… https://t.co/YYRK3s3vqN
There's always light at the end of the tunnel.
Hey Ya just passed 1 million views! I could not be happier!!! Thank you all so much for your love and support! https://t.co/1xDxK6BH7h
You matter.
Stand up for what's right, not what's popular.
Family time >>>
Dear humanity, love more. Hate less.
@OliviaGalyon Aragorn is his name 🐉💚
Springfield I love you deeply! You were amazing tonight!
Thank goodness for sliders.
@UsTheDuo @ok_schlatter I LOVE YOU GUYS SO DEEPLY. (Let's sing it together)(or anything for that matter)
Be good to yourself.
I found heaven behind the venue today. https://t.co/NlAk5Cfz6T
Milwaukee you were unbelievable! I love you!
@angelo_knight5 Don't tempt me brother!
@KatVonHall I have no words to express how I'm feeling about this. Truly. Thank you for your words and your opennes… https://t.co/fxwPFud5bT
@Jennasscomiche Amazing!!!!!
Quarter Past Four just passed a million views! My heart couldn't be fuller! This is truly surreal.… https://t.co/nOXR0wSLwm
I love you Ohio! You filled my heart.
@actuallymaxie I NEED
@recreationalove All of it
@FlavieLooper Alwayssss and it's mine.
@CATHancock Funnel cake!
Thank goodness for fair food.
You better rock out @KOlusola ! Unbelievable. https://t.co/gf0xqSW5rW
Don't let fear control you.
It could not be more beautiful in Nashville tonight. So good to be back!
Everything happens for a reason. It may not be what we want, but it is what we need.
@PTXMolly I love it!!!
@Scomiche_G_H So cooollll!!!!!
@1_Pentaholic That's all I want!
@PINKBALMAIN @PTXofficial Get outta here :D
@gentlehoying So beautiful!!!
Absolutely beautiful. I love you all deeply 💚 https://t.co/i1daGxrojK
Never apologize for who you are.
You are loved. Don't ever forget it.
@Jadetriestoart @LadyCampbell Can't wait to see the finished product, this is already stunning!
@Dragnmstrss @bishopborn56 @mkaplan56 @JCrocks5 I hope you are too 💚
@Section101Tweet Thanks for the shoutout!!!
@ptxmeagan This makes me VERY happy
@Ginevra_Curro16 This blessed me more than you know! Thank you so much for your words
Teaching kids to plant trees warms my heart! @SesameWorkshop + @endlessnoise fighting the good fight! https://t.co/6jwRND9vGE
Family time >>>
Great news! You can now officially purchase “Hey Ya” on @amazonmusic https://t.co/6hmidccHoF #AvrielHeyYa #AvrielandtheSequoias
Diversity is beautiful.
@BlueMicrophones @MichelleMD404 I LOVE you guys!!!
Thank goodness for breakfast burritos.
@mitchgrassi happy birthday Mitchy!!! I hope your day is as beautiful as you 💚💚💚
Shoutout to @MarisaLeigh_ @frankhobbs_iv @TheNoahHunt for playing/singing/shakin with me on a… https://t.co/RBjMjgEz1n
If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it on @YouTube now: https://t.co/jIPzvCT2EB #AvrielandtheSequoias #AvrielHeyYa
Thank you guys so much for all of the support you have shown for "Hey Ya!" I am constantly blown away by you all! You fill up my heart!
Until next time 😌💚
Thank you all so much for your questions, your love and your unwavering support! I love you all deeper than I could ever explain!
@tyrantsptx Countless countless times. It's almost constant.
@FlavieLooper Yes! I need to do more!
@TheLexiReece Yeah my good buddy Aquaman runs it! Based in Atlantis i believe
@PTXplease Pet dragon. Hands. Down.
@ashlee_blanton Oh 100% Btw I miss you
@ptxamy I love it!!! Send my love to all of them!
@practicallyptx That's UNBELIEVABLE. I love it!!!
@KimPiggie ASAP! Promise :D
@magmouseketeer GET OUT OF TOWN!!!
@jellybean7289 This is unbelievable 😭 you have no idea how much that means to me !!!
@rosegoldjade20 I tend to lean towards slow and somber but I dig both!
@StephieSoto Thank you so much! I want to come back ASAP!!!
@eowyn1986 @smakklove YES!!!
@somedayseattle Many times a day honestly
@OperaStarr I neeeddddd wowwww
@chloe_opper Definitely legs. I need my fingers. Tree legs would be AWESOME.
@sugargrassi I hope the same for you! I love you too!
@ptxangel_ It REALLY is. So unbelievably humbling
If you haven't seen the music video for "Hey Ya!" yet, check it out here! ---> https://t.co/jIPzvCT2EB https://t.co/6zNgax0GZN
@YouTube You can purchase it on @iTunes here: https://t.co/6uaNdUCHWa and stream it on @Spotify here: https://t.co/o5MfIGsupX
The music video for "Hey Ya!" is now on @YouTube! Check it out here: https://t.co/jIPzvCT2EB #AvrielandtheSequoias… https://t.co/dNwASB9UEl
Get OUTTA here!!! Couldn't be happier!!! https://t.co/r8jVJyEQpu
@sweetavriel So beautiful!!!
@McKathlin @people Thank you so much!!!
The music video for “Hey Ya!” is here! Head on over to @people to check it out! https://t.co/ZOVztObjU3 #AvrielandtheSequoias #AvrielHeyYa
@iTunes You can now also stream “Hey Ya!” on @Spotify. Hope you dig :D! #AvrielHeyYa https://t.co/iuw2F64hqY
So happy to share with all of you the first cover song by #AvrielandtheSequoias! Purchase “Hey Ya!” on @iTunes:… https://t.co/Zcfy3NsdD2
@PaperTurtle5 Get outta hereeeee :D
@eva_meleena Really the only reason to run ever
@gentlehoying @kirstin @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @KOlusola @PTXofficial This means more than I could ever explain.… https://t.co/vRs0Pe51UW
@tiffanyvcornejo Always for good reason ;)
There may or may not be something exciting coming your way very soon! #AvrielandtheSequoias https://t.co/BOpEgpbXjk
@MknappMelissa THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. How do they make pizza look so delicious?!
Pizza commercials are the bane of my existence.
@PTX_Raven Thank you! Hope yours is beautiful as well!
@Ro_sunflower This is absolutely breathtaking. Wow. Unbelievable!
Time is the most precious thing in the universe. Spend it wisely.
Every year on the last night of @acappellacademy we stay up all night to wake up the sun… https://t.co/IvaNSrtRNk
Thank goodness for buffalo wings.
@Scomiche_69 @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @SUP3RFRUIT This is unbelievable!!! WOW.
@HeyItsKelsey101 I LOVE!
Could NOT be more excited to see my @acappellacademy babies share their hearts tonight!!! https://t.co/1oBHpiqgbZ
I want a freshly baked biscuit scented alarm clock.
Midnight snack. https://t.co/Nbm3lzYmH4
This made me VERY happy. Thanks to @officialresound for singing with me and changing lives at @acappellacademy ! https://t.co/CMYQjlKxk4
@LetyMartini_ @PTXofficial @acappellacademy @HollywoodBowl I couldn't even begin to explain!!! Thank you for saying… https://t.co/3i1M8WI0OP
@ptxviola So cooollll 😍
@EmilyDBeato @PTXofficial This is amazing!!!
@Arts_by_Selina THAT IS ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!! Wow. Blown away
@Roxie0171 That makes me so happy!
Singing with @PTXofficial and @acappellacademy at the @HollywoodBowl tonight! What a dream!
Build people up, don't tear them down. We are all humans. We are all in this together.
.@acappellacademy starts in 2 days and I could NOT be more excited!!!
@BettyJaneCandie THIS IS GREAT NEWSSS!!! Thank you guys :D
@BettyJaneCandie This is GREAT news!!! Only wish it was 60oz :D
Today will be a beautiful day.
Perfectly crisp fries bring me so much joy.
@muravleva_o @PTXofficial That's AMAZING
Selflessness >
I couldn't love Root beer more.
@MaaceFaace You're the sweetest. It really does though 💚
@KathyRandall It's an Ebo! A very cool way of bringing a new sound out of a guitar.
@kpick81 This is BEAUTIFUL. You better sing!!! I love this so much.
@AnnaLovesSFRom It truly is!
@Ro_sunflower Both are beautiful!
@CeciliaHahn7 Gotta slide them in there when I can :D
Writing >
Don't settle for less than you deserve.
I plan my life around food.
The debut EP #SageandStone is available on @GooglePlay! Listen and download it here: https://t.co/6ny091BTWS #AvrielandtheSequoias
@vbella39 That's all I wanted for this song. Truly.
@AltoSingerAlex You are THE SWEETEST 😭
@ptxangel_ You bless me more than you know! Thank you thank you thank you
@svad_lara 😭thank youuu
@palebluedreamer I LOVE you. You couldn't be sweeter.
@vbella39 @CeciliaHahn7 ASAP 😍
So happy #SweetAdeline passed 100k views! So surreal. Check it out if you haven't already! https://t.co/pMohCnqg7u #AvrielandtheSequoias
Garlic is the unsung hero of pizza toppings.
@Arts_by_Selina @mitchgrassi @PTXofficial @kirstin_taylor @scotthoying @KOlusola So amazingggggg!
@kiminoriega @stacee_grassi @XtinaHoying @danahoying THAT is a beautiful day.
@Jenn_pentaholic YOURE THE SWEETEST 😭
Did you know that you can now stream #SageandStone on @Spotify? #AvrielandtheSequoias https://t.co/7ByH0XYmEN
@PhotographyNerd That's amazing 😭
@AkiPTXAvi Absolutely AMAZING Arigatou!!! 😭😭😭
@Pentatronz You're THE sweetest. Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much those words mean!
@thatgrassigirl @TinaTinasae That makes me happier than you know!
@_MarisaEsposito @frankhobbs_iv @TheNoahHunt If you haven't seen the video for #SweetAdeline check it out here!… https://t.co/fxyBVA1e8y
60 mph winds on a video shoot aren't so bad with these beautiful people. I love you deeply @_MarisaEsposito… https://t.co/F5CZn9wm6i
My heart is so full. #AvrielandtheSequoias
I can't thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown #SageandStone. So surreal that it's finally out in the world!
In case you missed it, the official music video for #SweetAdeline is up on @YouTube now! #AvrielandtheSequoias https://t.co/iaZUoNfYO8
@ptxgrace_ That makes me so so happy 😌💚
@MrsTuckrrrr YESSS
@kavilein @MknappMelissa @TolnaiIlona @MichelleMD404 @MoriahSWhite78 @ffanellyclaire @carolinasluv @mary_palominos @vbella39 SO CRAZYYY 😍😭
@PatriciaRowan2 Ah thank you! Can't help but smile when you're singing your heart!
This song is featured on the new EP, #SageandStone, out today! Purchase it on @iTunes here: https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz
The music video for #SweetAdeline is officially out!!! Hope you enjoy the more upbeat side of #AvrielandtheSequoias. https://t.co/iaZUoNfYO8
@_draghasis happy birthday 💚
@palebluedreamer I LOVE you
@Sam_PTX_Love Donald Duck is a good guy. So this makes me happy!
@hurricanektm That makes me so happy! That's the first song I recorded with @_MarisaEsposito @frankhobbs_iv and @TheNoahHunt !
@utdptxjames Thank you so much!!!
@alteanavi That was delicious. What a gift!
.@billboard has the exclusive premiere of the #SweetAdeline music video! Check it out here: https://t.co/dNoWf11VE8 #AvrielandtheSequoias
@iTunes And get it on Amazon Music: https://t.co/IsQfwgOdtX #SageandStone #AvrielandtheSequoias
@iTunes Stream on Spotify: https://t.co/7ByH0XYmEN
@iTunes You can also purchase it on Google Play: https://t.co/6ny091BTWS
It's finally here!!! You can now purchase the new EP #SageandStone on @iTunes here: https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz https://t.co/Bfo6e8WUlJ
ps. ONE. MORE. DAY. until #SageandStone is released!! #AvrielandtheSequoias
Here’s a behind the scenes look at #SweetAdeline filmed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Can’t wait to share this wi… https://t.co/j2OEaOE5CE
Music that inspires >>>
Only 3 days until #SageandStone is released! I could. Not. Be more excited! #AvrielandtheSequoias
Excited to show you guys the upbeat side of #AvrielandtheSequoias ... #SweetAdeline video coming soon! https://t.co/jsUWlQQ1Sb
@rdietz55 @LegacyVox OOOOO! I'm EXCITED. All you LA kids better go for it!
Burgers are my heart and soul.
Mina daisuki Japan!!! You are absolutely amazing. You all mean more to me than I could ever explain. I'll come back and see you soon 💚
@TheDragonOfAces This is amazing!!!
@Scomiche_69 @PTX_FanArt This COULDNT BE COOLER!!! So unbelievable!!!
Love deeply.
@luisjhernand WOW. This is unbelievable!!!! Absolutely blown away.
@ptxviola THIS. IS. AMAZING. I can't even tell you how happy this makes me. You all are my kindred spirits! I LOVE… https://t.co/Q0apCe9Lxu
Quarter Past Four just passed 100k views! So unbelievably happy! #QuarterPastFour #AvrielAndTheSequoias… https://t.co/M1DBkLn2H5
@Jokaylena @YouTube That makes so so happy 💚
@the_tangled_cat @YouTube Sounds perfect :D
@muravleva_o @YouTube Thank you so much! Your English is better than mine btw
@emeraldtrance @YouTube That's all I want!
@dark_dancer2008 @YouTube You're fantastic!!!
@GracefulHoying @YouTube So true!
@Heather_Pants @YouTube HAHAHA I love you
@maelinimarie @YouTube Grants Pass Oregon!
@ptxviola @YouTube That makes me so so happy!
@nuggstruggs @YouTube Get outta hereeeeee :D!
@allie3ga @YouTube That sounds PERFECT
@jonnapeterson81 @YouTube June 9! Promise! :D
@YouTube Get the music: https://t.co/NIxWiHsyM9 #AvrielandtheSequoias #ItTurnsOutFine
In case you missed it, you can now watch the official music video for #QuarterPastFour on @YouTube!… https://t.co/bf9OMJ4UoY
So happy that you all are resonating with #QuarterPastFour ! No matter what you're going through, it'll always turn out fine 💚
@panicatthebau Thank you so much! Always will be 💚
You can now listen to and stream #QuarterPastFour on @Spotify! https://t.co/iyVtaoyYlH #AvrielandtheSequoias #ItTurnsOutFine
@MaaceFaace I. Am. VERY excited :D
@Auntie_Haunty I can't tell you how much that means to me. Wow.
@HeatherOStanley As am I 💚
@MichelleMD404 I couldn't be more honored 😍
@Dragnmstrss It's true! Always turns out fine 💚
@mary_palominos Thank you so so much Mary I appreciate you always!
@Sup3rfruityy You couldn't be sweeter
@PaperTurtle5 That means more than you know!
@TakeCourageMom It always does.
@ptxhannahr5 Thank you for saying that! 💚💚💚
@iTunes Pre-Order the album here: https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz #AvrielandtheSequoias #ItTurnsOutFine
If you pre-order the debut EP SAGE AND STONE on @iTunes, you’ll receive #FieldsandPier and #QuarterPastFour instantly!
Get the music: https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz #AvrielandtheSequoias #ItTurnsOutFine #QuarterPastFour
The official music video for #QuarterPastFour is here! This one means a lot to me. Watch it now: https://t.co/hpKewuPWJx #ItTurnsOutFine
@YouTube You can get it instantly when you pre-order the SAGE AND STONE EP. Check it out here: https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz
There may or may not be a #QuarterPastFour video waiting for you in the morning, but... the track is available now!
Can’t wait to share something very special with you tomorrow! #AvrielandtheSequoias https://t.co/LWbYJOeC0k
The amount of Japanese food I am going to eat in the next week will be truly legendary.
@CeciliaHahn7 This is a possibility... :D
Positivity >
Send love out into the world as often as you can, every bit counts.
Exciting news! You can now listen to and stream #FieldsandPier on Spotify! https://t.co/5YrVT0JzwM https://t.co/5BVH7JlGlj
Make sure your mind is your ally, not your enemy.
@LetyMartini_ You nailed it
@MaaceFaace @vbella39 Absolutely stunning
@PTX_Daily That's EXACTLY what I want :D
@myjads22 I do!
@Nicole_Cav1 This makes me VERY happy :D
Take everything one step at a time.
@LadyCampbell @EndvrStudiosLA This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! So creative! It's true art. So so amazing.
@Dragnmstrss @bishopborn56 I love the aesthetic so much! So so beautiful!
@McKathlin This honestly couldn't be more perfect. I'm so honored!!!
@TheDragonOfAces So. COOL.
@SaraPellizzoni @KOlusola This is absolutely stunning!!! WOW.
@PaperTurtle5 I LOVE
Fields and Pier just broke 100k views! So. Surreal. Thank you all so much for the love and support!… https://t.co/XJBxqmmwpY
@g_kindhart @KOlusola Amazing right?! The beauties of layering!
@anna_platania Thank you so much! You're the sweetest!
@Jusmeavi This is STUNNING. The perfect detailing. Wow.
.@KOlusola Check out the video if you haven't already! https://t.co/lZHAqsoWtI
The strings on #FieldsandPier were played by the unbelievable @KOlusola and Gabe Wheaton. Couldn't be more honored to have worked with them!
You matter.
#FieldsandPier music video was directed by the amazing @fifgenfilms. We traveled from OR>CA to capture every scene! https://t.co/lZHAqsoWtI
Listen on @iTunes https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz and @YouTube https://t.co/lZHAqsoWtI #FieldsandPier https://t.co/n9sijtgUqb
“Please learn to feel the sun under the trees” #FieldsandPier https://t.co/dN6jFocMnD
@keandric AMAZINGGGG!!! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@Maldonadograssi SO COOL!!! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@TheDragonOfAces BEAUTIFUL!!! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@Sam_PTX_Love @PTXofficial That means more than you know! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@alinefaier YAYYY! :D #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@Auntie_Haunty @YouTube HAHA I LOVE! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@Ro_sunflower @iTunes AH I LOVE IT #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@jonnapeterson81 @iTunes This makes me VERY happy :D! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
Watch the #FieldsAndPier music video here: https://t.co/lZHAqsoWtI Pre-order SAGE AND STONE (OUT 06.09.17) now on… https://t.co/STomEE2jpQ
RT @PTXofficial: .@Avi_Kaplan premiered the music video for #FieldsandPier from his upcoming EP Sage and Stone! https://t.co/OOyjwcLGyj #AvrielandtheSequoias
@scotthoying SCOTTY. 😂😂😂😭😭😭 I LOVE you. Means the world coming from you. Truly 💚
@practicallyptx SO. AMAZING. I love!!! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@gayatonics This means more to me than you'll ever know. Truly. Thank you so so much. And. Everything absolutely wi… https://t.co/G6Wf2nLFVi
@tushardaram Thank you so much! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@curly_kidd14 I can't tell you how much this means to me Pablo. Truly. Wow. Thank you. #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@misbrihavin That makes me happier than you know! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@ktm_grace That makes me very happy! I can't wait either :D #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@PtxMimi I love YOU #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@nathantlntn Neither can I 😍#FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@claudiaeffe__ THIS IS SO SO COOL WOW!!! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@Maldonadograssi Thank YOU. That makes me so happy! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@Kerry_OShea That's exactly what I want it to do! This is great news :D #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@LetyMartini_ @PopMatters This makes me VERY HAPPY! Those places are exactly what I want my music to feel like. I w… https://t.co/X4Yaq7EHOM
@FlavieLooper Thank you SO much, I'm so happy you love the layers and aesthetic! Wanted you all to see and hear mus… https://t.co/RZUusTL2Ni
@ptxangel_ Thank you :D!!! I'm so happy you dig! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@AngelaNLD @PopMatters Get outta town!!! It's amazing to sing what's on my heart. #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@PaperTurtle5 @PTXofficial THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE WOW.
@MaaceFaace This is exactly what I was hoping for :D #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@tiffanymonet53 You couldn't be sweeter!!! #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@CeciliaHahn7 @PopMatters That is exactly what I wanted to hear!!! :D #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@little_Aline The beardiness would be out of control. #AvrielandtheSequoias #FieldsandPier
@Ro_sunflower I LOVE THIS. So much. Truly. #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@actuallymaxie It's true #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@PTXismylove This makes me VERY happy. #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
@carinapeck69 @PopMatters This makes me VERY happy :D #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias
The brand new music video for #FieldsAndPier is out on @YouTube! Check it out! https://t.co/lZHAqsoWtI
@ITSimmons6 Ahhhh get outta here! I love you so much brother!
@pentaholic88 @Spotify Eventually yes!
.@PopMatters I deeply appreciate all of the support!
Thanks @PopMatters for premiering my #FieldsandPier music video today. I am so thankful to share #AvrielandTheSequoias with you.
@_AVI_KOR I couldn't be more honored. So beautiful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
@kaitlin_maxwell I love you SO much.
@hoyingxgrassi Thank you so much!!!
@Arts_by_Selina @PTXofficial @bishopborn56 THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE
.@PopMatters Get the music https://t.co/NIxWiHsyM9
.@PopMatters has an exclusive premiere of the #FieldsandPier music video! Watch it now: https://t.co/V5yqabyJYW https://t.co/S3p5NbqEUC
When you pre-order SAGE AND STONE on @iTunes you will now receive #FieldsandPier as an instant download! https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz
@ptxviola I had @KOlusola tune the whole thing down to match vocals :D
@carocracked Both :D
@GracefulHoying You have no idea how happy you all make me!!! Especially tonight!
Be on the lookout for something new tomorrow... #FieldsandPier #AvrielandtheSequoias https://t.co/M71LA5Cjn5
Couldn't be more proud of my tribe! https://t.co/sLNlAR0t9K
Microphone. Heaven. @BlueMicrophones https://t.co/pMvriTCHqz
@MeghanSimone_xo I've teased you all enlightening throughout the years! It's not like there won't be more opportunities... ;D
Fields and Pier video coming Friday! #AvrielandtheSequoias https://t.co/ElGxupsuul
Check out the new @PTXofficial video "Can't Help Falling in Love"!!! https://t.co/bjQIkOgLey #PTXFallingInLove
No matter how many mountains you have to climb in life, if you're on the right path, it'll be worth it.
Celebrating Earth Day with some old friends. #AvrielandtheSequoias https://t.co/uUhR2opy1G
Singing tags >>>
Vulnerability is strength.
Anything can be beautiful if you allow it to be.
The official website is up! Check out https://t.co/7za6SY4o3y to learn about the project and sign up for the official mailing list!
All the birthday love I've received today has filled my heart more than I could ever explain. Thank you all SO much. I love you deeply.
I can't for you all to hear what I've been working on for so long!
So thankful for the love and support shown for #AvrielandtheSequoias! If you haven't yet, preorder the debut EP here https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz
@pentatonina 👋this is not the typo you are looking for
I love you all deeply.
@Auntie_Haunty ugh I LOVE STRINGS.
@AvrielsAngels @KOlusola very true!
@foolsptx 😍😍😍💚💚💚
@mdfox get outta here! :D
I. LOVE. Virtuosic instrumentalists.
Check out the behind the scenes video for @PTXofficial 's Bohemian Rhapsody!!! https://t.co/k5xF3iG0IZ
@ahccapella @iTunes type it into google images and see for yourself 😍
@cryptickaplan you will find out, I promise!
In the meantime, here's a little preview... #AvrielandtheSequoias https://t.co/8AlGq6BkWp
You can now preorder the debut EP "Sage and Stone" before it becomes available on June 9th! https://t.co/NIxWiHaXnz
I'm so unbelievably excited to announce the first release from Avriel & the Sequoias!
(Can't help but be sappy with you guys)
As if my day couldn't have gotten any more amazing. All of the outpouring of love and excitement for my EP and then… https://t.co/wb1BkKy0CC
So excited for what's to come... #AvrielandtheSequoias
Sharing something very special to me on Wednesday... https://t.co/fJqkFna1jV
I love gummies far too much.
Brighten someone's day today. You never know who truly needs it.
Thank you guys for your questions!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!
Both simultaneously with bacon eggs sausage hash browns biscuits and gravy and a glass of pineapple orange juice. https://t.co/DopYPGbcvc
Unbelievably honored! https://t.co/4p2p5uyw4x
I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED. I've been waiting a VERY long time. https://t.co/nf9YfsQa84
Absolutely. I was born for it. https://t.co/9cIDDia7ry
Contra Bass 😁🤘 https://t.co/gwYCLVlEWB
.@TimOBrienmusic 's "Memories and Moments" https://t.co/dnamYpoNFF
Anything Simon and Garfunkle! https://t.co/us7yTqtXK1
Bugle Boy would be FUN. https://t.co/6jw4Lqh2AV
Bohemian Rhapsody 100% https://t.co/9qLOSgKDwq
IMPOSSIBLE to choose. https://t.co/Yx8R746jfE
Cologne @cleanbandit https://t.co/3rjJOIoquF
Yes! Just one step closer to me being Gandalf. https://t.co/R7TqnppNeM
Years of Jedi training. https://t.co/x5CTzr3tTY
@sconemiche THIS IS AMAZING
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY!!! @PTXofficial https://t.co/EFaOqqAo7e #PTXVol4 #PTXBohemianRhapsody
https://t.co/dKc8MW5LFW #PTXVol4 @AppleMusic 😁🤘 https://t.co/w8mCpfaaWn
@Xmpt3d it's close!
@melissaptx we'd be billionaires
@ptxholly touché
I couldn't possibly drop my phone more.
I. Love. Pickles.
All you can do is your best.
Family time >>>
(April Fools 😁)
I'm so heartbroken to have to tell you guys this, but my solo project won't be out for another year 😔
Thank goodness for bacon.
Never give up.
Music is the best medicine.
@silmaril_lee this is truly a travesty... 💚💚💚
Positivity >
Fight the good fight.
I could have BBQ every meal of the day. Every. Day.
@Ro_sunflower yes you can and will 1000% 💚
Perseverance >
Be the best version of yourself.