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Had another beautiful day in the mountains of Colorado yesterday. My heart is so full! Tonight we have a show at th… https://t.co/whfcczV0Dy
Fort Collins you all blew my mind last night! You truly made me feel so at home. Thank you from the bottom of my he… https://t.co/hoeUdR0jhY
Thank goodness for Colorado. So grateful I got to have a bit of time hiking yesterday. Very excited to play… https://t.co/r396b17Pra
Had a great time performing "When I'm A Fool" off of my new album, #FloatingOnADream for @Fender's Artist Check-In.… https://t.co/yheKKh8toL
Kansas City you all were a blessing to sing for! I’m so thankful you all came out last night! I truly can’t wait to… https://t.co/GJEss2Gozf